Start Your Day

With the Mental Toughness by Coach P Podcast; as we discuss a quote of the day and spread some insight on developing a Positive Attitude and the Mental Toughness to succeed in Athletics, Life and Business.

Each day we will bring you a short inspirational message to kick off your morning along with providing the encouragement needed to succeed and WIN the DAY! 

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Thank you!

Hi Coach P, just wanted to drop a thank you – I recently discovered your Good Morning Minute podcasts and they have truly made such a difference in my mentality, approach and confidence in my business. 

All the best!  Elsje – United Kingdom

Engaging and Inspiring 

Thank you for sharing the interesting, engaging and inspiring podcast. Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but way more difficult to regret

Rob Wuijster – Netherlands

Great message today Coach! Your minute of inspiration has kept me moving forward up these unprecedented circumstances

Tony Gulla

Michael Tirgardoon

"The Future is always open to you. It's a story only you can write."

For the past few weeks, I discovered a gem and have been following the Good Morning Minute of Inspiration podcast by Jim Pusateri - Coach "P" every morning after my daily meditation.

Each day is a new lesson with the adopted belief that if you have the right mindset, you can achieve anything you want in life. Seize the day and have a great weekend everyone 🥂


Glenford Leonillo

Thanks, Jim for this inspiring piece. This is really such an encouragement, to push being a goal setter to get where we want to be. And truly, in order to become a goal setter, we need to stay motivated and ensure that we're on track to complete/accomplish our goals in a span of time that is most reasonable. That's why an action plan is important.


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