Jim Pusateri – Coach P is a Teacher, Coach and Mentor who helps others develop the three phases of achievement needed to succeed in Athletics, Life and Business.

He is a High School Teacher and Head Football Coach along with being the Offensive Coordinator at the High School level in Orlando Florida. After coaching at various levels, College, High School and Middle School; Jim feels you make your biggest impact on the High School Athlete, He States: “it is at this level that you truly can change the course of a student’s life.”

Jim has over 30 years of life, business and coaching experience where he has developed his Mental Toughness Story. He has developed several start-up companies from the ground up and now helps business owners, students, athletes and adults realize that the three phases of achievement is the secret to obtaining success and true happiness. "Helping others reach their potential"

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““This man has been a HUGE inspiration to me. He has taught me the meaning of perseverance. We motivated each other in good times and through bad. Was a pleasure to work with him and be a part of his journey. Grateful for you Jim Pusateri - Coach "P" Life is full of temporary situations. It's how you respond and your actions following. Forever grateful! ””  Penny Paulos


The true gift is when you finally find your purpose. I have done that and I am truly blessed to hear this message. Keep shedding light and love coach. Sparkle Lindsay


Your words of wisdom are 100% right and I am going to go back and use them on me, myself and I when I become discouraged! The quitter is the failure! I love it! Thank you! Mike Mclane 


Omg how come I didn't run into you before! I loved the video! Move Forward Nation Listener


Great message today Coach! Your minute of inspiration has kept me moving forward up these unprecedented circumstances. Tony Gulla


Coach I enjoy your motivational words keep up the good work - Rocky Corigliano


Coach P. My name is Chica. You truly make my morning each and every morning thank you for bringing a little hope in my mornings. Mr. Chikodinaka Oguledo


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